Bar Stool Buying Guide

Use our bar stool buying guide to help determine which bar stools will be the ideal for you.

Step 1: Determine the suggested seat height by measuring the surface height of the counter top:
Table/Dining Height
table top height: 28-30"
suggested seat height: 18-23"
average seat height used: 18"

Counter Height
table top height: 34-38"
suggested seat height: 24-26"
average seat height used: 26"

Bar/Pub Height
table top height: 40-43"
suggested seat height: 28-32"
average seat height used: 30"

Extra Tall/Spectator Height
table top height: 44-48"
suggested seat height: 32-36"
average seat height used: 34"

Now that you know the suggested seat height range, here's a few considerations to narrow it down...
Step 2: Determine the necessary leg room for ideal seat height:
You should leave about 9"-12" of leg room space between your seat and counter.
*Note: Make sure you take into account if there is a trim piece underneath your counter top.

Q: What's the purpose of the area and who will be using them the most?
KIDS: If this is where kids eat meals before & after school then you can leave less leg room between the seat and counter.
ADULTS: If this is where adults have drinks & socialize then you should allow more leg room between the seat and counter.
BOTH: If both kids & adults will be using them for all general situations then adjustable stools might be the most versatile.
Step 3: Determine the necessary elbow room for spacing & quantity:
You should leave about 21"-25" of elbow room between center of each chair to eat & socialize.
*Note: If using swivel stools or stools with armrests then you should allow up to 30" between chair centers.

Q: How many people do you want to be able to sit next to each other along the counter?
MORE: If you want to fit more people then backless stools without armrests is the best choice.
LESS: If you don't mind less people along the counter then stools with backs and armrests are a great choice.
*Note: If you choose stools with armrests makes sure they are low enough to slide under the counter.
Other considerations:
Indoors vs Outdoors? Material is important.
If only used indoors or not left outside, you can consider wood or seagrass.
If used outdoors and left uncovered, you should consider metals like aluminum that don't rust.

Spend hours doing work in it? Looks might not be a factor but comfort is crucial.
If used for work you might want to have a built-in cushion, be able lean back & swivel, and have armrests.
Now that you know what size you need, how many you can fit, and what to take into consideration,
the only other factor that will determine what works best for you is your style & personal preference.

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